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Four’s a Crowd

Four a Crowd, is a story about a young gay man named Marcus, who suddenly appears on the doorstep of his three ex-roommates after ending a relationship with his fiancé, Tony. It's the start of a crazy journey with many twists, true-to-life issues and tough decisions which Marcus and his roommates must make, as he desperately tries to make sense of his life after the grueling breakup — or risk living in dire depression. It's a series where the audience will be witness to the growing bond between the characters throughout the season.

Created and Written by Afonso J Henrique

TV Series - Bible and Script available for option

In Gods We Trust

A telling of Romeo and Juliet revolving a modern day Shakespearean Universe.

Created and Written by Afonso J Henrique and Marcel Sorza

TV Series - Bible and Script In Development

Project Shadowrun

Created and Written by Afonso J Henrique

The Shadowrun world is cross-genre, incorporating elements of both cyberpunk and urban fantasy.  Man, machine, and magic exist in a world where the amazing is among the most common and technology has entered into every facet of human (and metahuman) life.

TV Series - Bible in Development