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Short Film Scripts and Screenplays

The Other Capulet

A cursed Rosaline struggles to find love, until one day, she unexpectedly meets Romeo, a savior, at least she so believes.

Short Film 18 min.

Starring, Alessia Sushko and Matt Raimo

Mr. Kiss

A veteran with nothing to lose, spends one wild night when he kidnaps the Mayor of New York City, in hopes of cleaning up the world – one dirty politician at a time.

Short Film 24 min.

Starring, Jimmy Cintron and Adam Ginsberg

Password: KissKiss

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

This is the universal storytelling of women who come face to face with stillborn death through the connection of baby shoes.

Short Film 5 min.

Plot Twist

A struggling writer meets a Vampiress on his birthday who changes his life forever.

Short Film Script - Available for Production

El Beso de Despedida

A former champion of the underground martial arts circuit steps back into the ring against all odds in order to save his mother's life while risking his in the process.

Short Film Script - Available for Production