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feature scripts

The Heart’s Stone

A dream leads a boy on a journey for a hidden treasure in a world of fantasy and danger he could’ve never imagined.

Fantasy/Adventure Animation - Script available for Option

False Flag

Evan, an Ex-Navy Seal is out to uncover a conspiracy after an attack on a concert leaves his father dead and him wounded. The story unfolds as lies from the mainstream media push the agenda of only one active shooter, however, Evan knows the truth - how? He killed two active shooters during the chaos of the shooting and took a set of dog tags from one of them before getting shot. The FBI and CIA are on the hunt for him as he uses his experience, resources, and skill set to do whatever it takes to expose the truth.

Action/Thriller - In Development

El Beso De Despedida

A former champion of the underground martial arts circuit steps back into the ring against all odds in order to save his mother's life while risking his in the process.

Martial Arts Action/Drama - Feature in rewrites.