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The Bunny Man

Five thrill-seeking friends looking for the Halloween adventure of a lifetime find themselves in an abandoned insane asylum, hunted by one of America’s most legendary killers in this survival-horror that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.

Survival-Horror Thriller - Script Available

Story by Matt Raimo

Screenplay by Matt Raimo and Afonso J Henrique

Legends of Ezra - The Heartstone

A dream leads a boy on a journey for a hidden treasure in a world of fantasy and danger he could’ve never imagined.

Fantasy/Adventure Animation - In Development

Created and Written by Afonso J Henrique

In His Own Defense

Attorneys spend their lives defending others, but they never expect that they will be forced to defend themselves.

Eric is miserable, until Bianca comes into his office, a sexy Brazilian looking to divorce her domineering husband. Entranced by her flirtatious nature, Eric is lured into a world of sex and murder, and is shocked to discover that he is the prime suspect in a murder investigation. His quest to clear his name takes him to Brazil, where he meets a transplanted American architect and his free-spirited, exhibitionist Brazilian girlfriend. The threesome valiantly search the clubs and streets of Sao Paulo to find Bianca. 

As his frustrations and fears mount, and as the possibility of losing his freedom, his family, and livelihood increases, however, Eric, with the help of his new companions, develops a greater appreciation for his life and those around him.

Thriller - In Development

Novel by: Andrew Wolfenson

Screenplay by Afonso J Henrique and Priscilla Avila

El Beso De Despedida

A former champion of the underground martial arts circuit steps back into the ring against all odds in order to save his mother's life while risking his in the process.

Martial Arts Action/Drama - Feature in rewrites.

Original Story by Cesar D’La Torre and Afonso J Henrique

Screenplay by Afonso J Henrique and Marcel Sorza