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After serving his country for twelve years with the United States Navy, Afonso J Henrique decided it was time to go back to school to follow his true calling in life – storytelling through Film just like the Filmmakers he respected and looked up to as a kid. Throughout his time in college, while attaining his A.A. in Writing and Literature from the Borough of Manhattan Community College and B.A. in Screenwriting and Film Studies from Brooklyn College, he was selected for a Screenwriter's Fellowship with Time Warner. His “CAN DO” attitude has achieved him many film awards as a screenwriter and filmmaker but “this is just the beginning,” as he always says.

In just a few years, Afonso’s passion and dedication for the love of his craft have blossomed. Afonso’s writing and style have been noted and compared to the likes of Shane Black and Guillermo del Toro. He is a visionary with an eye to tell stories that truly resonate with the human and universal condition. Something he believes is missing in the world today.

Afonso also believes that “we as a people sometimes have to go through certain expedition’s in our lives so to prepare us for what we are truly meant to do in this world. The universe speaks to us and if we don’t listen, we will miss out on the fruits of what she is offering.”